bunch of kee doodles from class today ;3c

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finished!! i’m not sure if i completely like the colour scheme for her outfit but it’ll do for now :0!! i need to think about her personality a bit more but the basics areeee

  • pansexual, transgender punk rock princess; 5’3” and looks around 17
  • somehow owns and operates a motorcycle 
  • sometimes wears goggles that look like her hairclips
  • likes doing DANGEROUS THINGS because they make her feel ALIVE!! often disregards the safety of others because cmon they’re all desserts what does it matter? likes death and carnage and loud rock music
  • optimistic and confident, easily excitable??? really wants friends to drag on adventures with her; can come off as irresponsible and careless
  • social and extroverted, but not used to commitment or long-term relationships (platonic and otherwise)

yeeee// maybe i’ll add more personality stuff later or even make an askblog for her ;v;//

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a request for punnpkin from last night o/ the colouring is p quick and lazy but the result is okay! hazard as a dragon :3c

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idk what’s going on here but it’s something??? i wanted to draw some of my other oc’s and i got the protag of my weird homunculus story being distressed at the strange white liquid engulfing him

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doodle of xero as a dog??????????? i drew yesterday

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a couple requests from the other day :3c

for reinapepiada and kopiki-chan!!

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